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    Application Categories

    Nadine Cranenburgh


    While many risk engineering and management principals (such as those on the general principles page) have applications across a broad range of application categories, there are some principles, tools and practices which are specific to individual applications.

    A non-exhaustive list of applications categories is below, and links to application specific information will be added as REBOK develops: 

    • Enterprise Management
    • Environmental Management
    • Project Management, including:
    • Functional Applications, including
    • Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Management
    • Major Hazard Management, including:
    • Hazard Sources such as:
      • Hazardous Material
      • Electricity
      • Moving machinery
      • High / Low Pressure
      • High / Low Temperature
      • Hazardous Events (Fire, Explosion, Toxic exposure)
      • Dangerous goods in tunnels


    The information on this page was drawn primarily from the following sources:

    Edited by Nadine Cranenburgh

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