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  • Welcome to the Risk Engineering Body of Knowledge

    The Risk Engineering Body of Knowledge (REBOK) will help explain the essence and boundaries of risk engineering by capturing and updating the concepts, skills and practices that are generally accepted and known within the field. 

    Membership of this online community is free and open to the public. To participate in discussions and be notified of upcoming activities please register and optimise your settings to follow the content that interests you.

    Our wiki is a gateway to REBOK, and incorporates links to existing bodies of knowledge and resources for risk engineering and related fields and professions. We also maintain a list of key definitions and frequently asked questions, as well as a collection of case studies and practice notes. This will be complemented by webinars to explore topics of interest and encourage discussion and knowledge sharing.

    You can also join the RES LinkedIn discussion group to make contact with risk engineering specialists and other interested engineers about risk engineering topics covered in REBOK.

    REBOK is a living and continuously developing project. We invite you to help drive its success and value by contributing your expertise and experience through posts, comments and discussion topics. Please contact the community facilitator if you would like to suggest topics or become a contributor.

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