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    Practical Risk Assessment Aspects of Machine Safety Standards by Roger Lim About the webinar AS4024.1303 provides several practical guidance and examples of methods. AS4024.1502 and AS4024.1503 provides risk assessment methods for the assessment of safety related parts of control systems. Key takeaways 1. Various risk assessment methods for the general assessments. 2. Specific risk assessment method for the safety related parts of control systems. About the speaker Roger Lim is a professional engineer with post graduate qualifications in robotics. He
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    *** EVENT POSTPONED - WE'LL UPDATE THIS PAGE ONCE A NEW DATE HAS BEEN CONFIRMED *** Mapping Systems Resilience Presented by David Skegg Description Although resilience often is defined in the context of how a “system” behaves to recover from an abnormal circumstance, resilient performance is more than that. A system is said to perform in a manner that is resilient when it can sustain required operations under both expected and unexpected conditions by adjusting its functions prior to, or following events (changes, disturbances, and opportunities). Resilience engineerin
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    Social Psychology of Risk Speaker Dr Tristan Casey Description It ain’t safe until we all think it’s safe: Understanding the social construction of safety, and the role of culture in shaping it. On the surface, safety seems straightforward: the reduction of risk to acceptable levels. Yet, look a little closer and the subjectivity of safety becomes apparent. Who gets to decide what is risky and what is not? What level is ‘acceptable’ when it comes to safety? In this presentation, Dr Tristan Casey will explore the social psychology of safety with a focus on group-level p
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    Risk Management for Major Infrastructure Projects Speaker Taylor Burns Description Key processes necessary to identify and manage risks on complex infrastructure projects have been developed over the last 20 years in order to implement risk-based approaches for better cost and schedule estimation. Cost and schedule, however, were mostly treated separately instead of integrating them into one model. This integration including the consideration of uncertainty is highly relevant as schedule delays are very often the root cause for severe cost overruns. This presentation descri
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    ISO 31000 – 2018 Revision; Redundant or Relevant to Your Organisation? by Jeff Jones ISO 31000 was first published in 2009 and revised in 2018, originally being based on the AS4360 process. Throughout the intervening decade risk management has been mandated in government policy, dictated in ASIC principles of good governance, embedded in organisational management systems and referred to in a myriad of industry practices and standards. In essence, risk management has become a house-hold name. With this uptake has unleashed a spirit of risk management endeavour, often as
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    Webinar - Risk & Opportunity Conversations in a Positive Risk Management Culture Speaker - Jim Whiting (MSc (Biophysics) Dip Ed, [Qld]; MSc (Biomedical Engineering), [Surrey UK]; CPEng, MACPSEM) Synopsis - This presentation explains and demonstrates the benefits of ROC Talk [R&O Conversations, Communications and Interactions] - in every aspect of business discussions and decision-making. Practical examples are included on how to use principles of positive inter-personal dynamics to develop mutual respect, trust and care necessary for a positive risk culture. The importance of
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    Australian Capital Projects – Risk Management, Project Controls and COVID-19 Presenter - Pedram Danesh-Mand, Director of KPMG Australia, NSW President of Risk Engineering Society (RES) Webinar description The full impact of COVID-19 on the Australian construction sector will become more apparent over the next quarter, but there has been much speculation regarding the outcomes for the industry and potential risk mitigation strategies as well as opportunities to make the sector more resilient for future challenges. Infrastructure and construction businesses continue to be fac
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    WEBINAR - Coronavirus - Lessons in Risk, Resilience & Complex Systems SPEAKER - Warren Black (Founder & Principle of Complexus) As disruptive as the Coronavirus crisis has been, there is no doubting this is a monumental case example of modern risk management within complex situations. Consider how the crisis has already demonstrated the concepts of disruption, emergence, resilience, chaos, the butterfly effect, systems thinking and many other complex systems phenomena. Join us as we discuss what practical lessons and insights into modern day risk management (
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    REBOK online webinar event About the presentation 1. The REBOK has been growing over the last 2 years and following its “soft” launch in July 2019 is ready for more interaction from our wider Engineering community. This information session is designed to give all interested parties an introduction to REBOK content and how the REBOK pages work. You will then be inducted into and how you can usefully contribute and share your knowledge to the RISK Engineering Body of Knowledge. 2. COVID-19 has the whole world reeling from its devastating effects. This session introduces the
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    A new edition of IEC 31010 Risk Management Risk Assessment Techniques was recently released and will be published as an Australian standard later in the year. This presentation will explain the philosophy the team followed in revising the standard and will explain the differences between the latest release and the 2009 version, and explaining the ‘why’ behind it. Risk is defined in ISO 31000 Risk Management as the effect of uncertainty on objectives - but what do we mean by uncertainty and what implications does this have for the practicalities of assessing risk? Delivered by Profess
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