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  1. AS/NZS 5050 (Int):2020 Managing disruption-related risk. Published as as interim standard on 23 October 2020. The standard has an expiration date of 23 October 2022. Handbook SA HB 436.1:2020 Risk management guidelines - Companion to AS ISO 31000:2018 Part 1: Boards and executives Published 23 October 2020.
  2. NSW Coal Mining related resources include MDG 1010 Minerals industry safety and health risk management guideline (2011), and MDG 1014 Guide to Reviewing a Risk Assessment of Mine Equipment and Operations (1997). MDG-1014_NSW Dpt Mineral Resources_Guide to Reviewing Risk Assessment of Mine Equipment and Operations_1997.pdf MDG-1010_NSW Dpt Mineral Resources_Minerals Industry Safety and Health Risk Management _2011.pdf
  3. Could we consider the changing the first sentence to "the model Work Health and Safety Act" as not all states have adopted the the Work Health and Safety Act? Could we consider referencing where the definition of "hazard" was obtained from? I assume it was obtained from the "How to manage work health and safety risks Code of Practice". Further Australian Standard based resources that provide a definition of "hazard" include HB 205-2017 Managing health-and-safety-related risk.
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