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IPEC Abstract:“Ensuring safe design and operations in a flexible and remote working world: Practical Tips”

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Hi All,

I entered an abstract for a panel discussion for the Integrated Professional Engineering Conference (IPEC) in Brisbane (end of May), and it was accepted. The title is: “Ensuring safe design and operations in a flexible and remote working world: Practical Tips”. Apart from my personal experience working part time and remotely I wanted to send out a survey (see link attached) to my personal networks to get a better feel on the general consensus of working part time and/or remotely. I'm requesting 5 minutes of your time to complete the survey (link attached). Data privacy is paramount so all I have requested is a first name and the state you reside in. If you feel that you have your own connections/networks that would like to complete the survey, feel free to email them the below link. Obviously the more responses I get the better the results and consensus will be.


 Please be honest in your answers and if you have any further comments there are areas in the survey to add detail. The end date for the survey is COB tomorrow 3rd Feb 2021. If you have questions or comments please add below. I'd like to thankyou in advance for completing the survey.

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