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Risk-based maintenance revisited

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Title: Risk-based maintenance revisited

Description: Risk-based maintenance was developed at the same time as risk-based inspection but has not enjoyed the same popularity. There have been numerous scholastic articles written and even a standard developed which has now been withdrawn.

However, with the latest developments in ‘Asset Management Systems’ and the ISO 5500x series, there is new interest being shown. Risk Based Maintenance is considered as a key strategic approach for maintenance within Asset Management. 

A Risk Based Maintenance (RBM) approach determines the most economical use of maintenance resources with the end goal of minimizing any risk of a failure. Assets that have a greater risk and consequence of failure are maintained and monitored more frequently while assets that carry a lower risk are subjected to less stringent maintenance monitoring, covering the risk/ cost/ performance criteria required by the Asset Management System.

This presentation will cover the development of a Risk Based Maintenance system, from criticality analysis through risk-based maintenance strategy development and maintenance planning to using risk-based spares and repairs to meet the requirements of optimising cost, risk and performance.

About the presenter

David Finch MMaintMgt MIEAust CEng CMarEng MIMarEST CFAM CAMA

An experienced asset, maintenance, operations and engineering manager with over 40 years’ industrial experience. He started his career in operations and moved into commissioning, maintenance and projects, working in the nuclear, oil & gas, petrochemical and LNG industries. He has specialised in Operational Readiness of new facilities and Asset Integrity Management of ageing facilities, including offshore platforms, FPSOs, pipelines, refineries, petrochemical and LNG plants. He currently working as an engineering consultant, in asset, integrity and integrated management assessments, maintenance, reliability and integrity training.

He has worked in the UK, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Southeast Asia, India and Australia. He has led his teams to Maintenance Engineering Excellence Awards and was presented with the MESA Leadership Award in 2004.

David is currently working as the Principal Consultant for Maintenance Integrity Solutions.

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