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Perspectives on Risk 1 - Overview

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Recording: This webinar has now passed. Members of Engineers Australia can view the recording for free on MyPortal. Logon and navigate to Overview > Introduction to Risk. You can also view a list of all recordings. To be notified of upcoming webinars please register on this website. To get webinars free and bypass the registration process for each individual webinar, please join the Risk Engineering Society.

TitleEngineers, frameworks and new ways of thinking

Presenter: Warren Black, Principal and Founder, Complexus.


  • Geoff Hurst, Director, ENGENEOHS and Chair of the Risk Engineering Society of Engineers Australia
  • Richard Robinson, Director, R2A
  • Peter Flanagan, Lead Consultant, Capital Insight

Description: This webinar is the first in a series to set out the fundamentals of risk management for engineers and examine the range of approaches in the engineering context. In this webinar, five major approaches to risk are introduced and the common elements of a risk management framework are identified.

Every engineer needs to understand risk and how to manage it. Yet the application of risk management principles is subtlety different in every engineering context, which is as varied as the profession itself – spanning disciplines, industries, career stages and organisational applications.

While there are some fundamental principles underpinning risk engineering, there are also a huge range of competing perspectives and approaches. If you think risk engineering is just the application of the ISO 31000 standard, you will be surprised at how the discipline has developed.

A panel is included to introduce different perspectives and discuss frequently asked questions from the audience.

This webinar series is suitable for engineers seeking to understand their day-to-day risk management responsibilities and challenge those with a basic understanding of the subject. It is an exceptional opportunity for continuing professional development in a practice that is relevant to every engineer at every stage of their career.

This webinar series is part of multi-year project by the Risk Engineering Society to develop a Risk Engineering Body of Knowledge, capturing the diversity of perspectives and linking to international best practices.

To be notified directly of all webinars in this series email your name, EA membership number, and RES membership status to rebok@engineersaustralia.org.au .

About the presenter: Warren is a qualified Project Engineer and Risk Professional who also holds a Masters in Business (MBA) degree. He specialises in helping the broader stakeholders of complex projects & programs to embed governance, risk and assurance practices which may better reflect the degree of investment at risk. Prior to founding Complexus, Warren was programme risk and assurance lead at QGC, director of business risk and project assurance at Deloitte, VP of strategic consulting at Marsh & McLennan and a senior consultant at MAC Consulting.

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