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  • REBOK Steering Committee and Governance

    Nadine Cranenburgh


    The REBOK steering committee is a group of risk engineering experts and interested engineers who have volunteered their time to construct, govern, update and maintain the quality of REBOK.

    They also run the calendar of webinars and events for the community, and are active participants in the Risk Engineering Society (RES) LinkedIn discussion group.

    The steering committee meets via teleconference once a month, and welcomes input and involvement from the risk engineering, engineering and broader community of risk practitioners. If you would like to contribute to REBOK, please contact the community facilitator.

    2021 Steering Committee Members

    A list of current committee members and roles for is below:

    • REBOK Steering Committee Chair: Gary Marling
    • Contributing Members: Geoff Hurst, Warren Black, Peter Flanagan, Jim Whiting, Susan jacques
    • EA Learned Society Lead for Member Engagement: Kiri Robbie
    • EA Community of Practice Coordinator: Jackson Jones

    Description of REBOK Roles and Responsibilities

    • REBOK Steering Committee Chair. This is essentially the person who runs REBOK. The Chair oversees the other volunteer roles, leads Steering Committee meetings, decides whether webinars run by the state RES Chapters will be published on REBOK and delegates tasks and fill gaps where necessary. The Chair is also the communications manager, responsible for liaising with the REBOK community to generate and promote content and EA staff to moderate community members where required.
    • Contributing Members. The REBOK Contributing Members are engineers with an interest in promoting risk engineering to the wider engineering community. Ideally, they will include a representative from each state RES Chapter, and one from the National RES Committee. The Contributing Members will identify topics that need to be addressed, find speakers, host these speakers in webinars, and assist and comment on wiki content.
    • EA Learned Society Lead for Member Engagement. An Engineers Australia staff member will deliver the following services to the REBOK project:
      • Work with the REBOK Chair and Steering Committee to benefit members by developing the body of knowledge and identifying CPD opportunities
      • Monitor REBOK forums and content for inappropriate or offensive material and moderate where required.
    • EA Community Coordinator. An Engineers Australia staff member will deliver the following services to the REBOK project:
      • Manage website set up, upgrades/maintenance, and management of change requests from the Steering Committee
      • Work with identified speakers to encourage REBOK content
      • Obtain speaker agreements
      • Set up webinars
      • Organise transcription of webinars and deliver them to the REBOK Editor for editing and entry into the REBOK wiki
      • Edit video recordings and host them in a repository
      • Manage sales of recordings
      • Provide training/guidance documents for webinar hosts and presenters.

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