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    Looking forward to listening to this very experienced panel of professionals.
  2. In the late 1970s a leading group of engineering practitioners including Derek Viner worked within EA to form a Risk national panel. In the early 1980s the panel grew to become a Society of Engineers Australia. From its early beginnings in Victoria it grew to have chapters in Canberra, New South Wales and Queensland with solid committees operating CPD programs each year by chapter. The RES grew nationally under the able leadership of Jim Whiting, Andre Mierzwa, Ian Thomas, Greg Balka, Brian Truman and others including the current RES President (yours truly) Geoff Hurst. Biennial RISK National conferences have been held in various states over the years with memories of a National conference in Melbourne around 1990. These have been well attended and with high quality papers being presented. The REBOK was formalised in 2009 and has progressed to its current status under various leaders of the Risk Engineering Community of Practice.
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    Thank you. I am sure the site manager will correct this ASAP. But in between time if you have not been able to aces the link try this one: https://www.engineersaustralia.org.au/event/2020/08/iso-31000-–-2018-revision-redundant-or-relevant-your-organisation-32581 I hope you can get there this way??
  4. Great idea Nadine. maybe we could use REBOK discussion posts to generate new material for REBOK and publish/release the new papers via the OPPORTUNITY news letter. This would enable member contribution, add to the REBOK and provide fresh reading for the OPPORTUNITY newsletter.
  5. This a very powerful way to get good value out of the REBOK and use this to enhance your career.
  6. https://www.iso.org/obp/ui/#iso:std:iso:ts:22375:ed-1:v1:en Thank you Kevin, Interesting that they try do define "Complexity": 3.1 complexity condition of an organizational system with many diverse and autonomous but interrelated and interdependent components or parts where those parts interact with each other and with external elements in multiple end non-linear ways Note 1 to entry: Complexity is the characteristic of a system where behaviour cannot be determined only as the sum of individual variables behaviours. 3.2 parameter specific value describing the measurable or theoretical features of the elements of a system
  7. Good pick up Kevin. We will modify this statement to reflect the intent as you correctly describe it.We should also recognise that standards offer a benchmark in performance or process that is a minimum expectation and if something better is warranted, then this should be done where the precautionary principle applies like in WHS and Environmental legislation. Intros time there is more and more expectation that the precautionary principle is applied to other risks like reputation risk or political risk because the negative outcomes are often unacceptable: Royal commissions , enquiries, bad press etc.
  8. CCPS Monograph: Risk Based Process Safety In Disruptive Times Executive Summary This CCPS Monograph provides insights for managing Process Safety during and following the COVID-19 pandemic and similar crises. A CCPS task force has assembled this monograph based on their own experiences and expertise as well as input from CCPS member company representatives. The monograph is organized by the RBPS elements. Although human factors is not a RBPS elements, human factors is addressed in Process Safety Culture, Stakeholder Outreach, and Conduct of Operations. The following table identifies the insights offered in this document. Each insight is described in the monograph. The bold topics are viewed as those of highest importance. RBPS in Disruptive Times V3.1.pdf
  9. These two articles are examples of the application of Generative Techniques in innovative projects to help realise Opportunity Risks resulting in acceptable outcomes. University of Woolongong Researchers from the University of Wollongong (UOW)’s Translational Research Initiative for Cell Engineering and Printing (TRICEP), ARC Centre of Excellence for Electromaterials Science and UOW’s Makerspace worked together to design a face shield to protect medical workers. “We are looking at our capacity to do some of these more sophisticated things should that need arise ... It has been amazing how people have come together so quickly. That spirit of collaboration across the health service and university is really enabling us to move forward very quickly.” Ford Australia In a media statement, the boss of Ford Australia, Kay Hart, said: “We said from the beginning of COVID-19 that any way we could help, we would help. Producing face shields is certainly something new for us, but our innovation team and engineers were able to test a number of different designs in hospitals. With their input we have been able to get the face shield right for the people who will be wearing them.” Mr Mineo told CarAdvice: “It’s great to see so many of us back together again … it’s great to work with people you trust and who know production processes and who you know will do it right,” “Everyone is just so proud of what they’re doing, and so happy to be here.” https://www.caradvice.com.au/846416/ford-australia-donates-up-to-100000-medical-face-shields-for-covid-19/ "We really are all in this together – which is why Ford Australia is producing and will be donating up to 100,000 face shields for frontline healthcare workers in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve been working with the Victorian Government to develop a prototype face shield and have refined the design of the shields following input from medical professionals across hospitals in Melbourne. We’re now ramping up production and will be distributing the face shields to medical facilities. We will also continue to work with the Government to help address any ongoing supply needs resulting from the global shortage of Personal Protective Equipment." https://www.linkedin.com/company/ford-australia/?miniCompanyUrn=urn%3Ali%3Afs_miniCompany%3A30673559 Australian engineers are 3D printing protective equipment for hospital workers - Create.pdf Ford Australia donates up to 100,000 medical face shields for COVID-19 | CarAdvice.pdf
  10. Safe Work Australia has published a large amount of guidance material on their website at: https://www.safeworkaustralia.gov.au/covid-19-information-workplaces The attached file is their guidance for employers on how to keep workers safe COVID-19. There is much more material on their website. how_to_keep_workers_safe_covid-19.pdf
  11. Remember, when it comes to insurance it is the law that counts. It is not about justice or need or principle but about what is written down and agreed to. Insurance is only a mitigation and not an active control. Even after a business is hit by a disastrous event, it is a responsibility to take action SFAIRP to maintain the high ground for insurance purposes and minimise loss.
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    Great work from Warren and great questions from the forum. Looking forward to Session 2 next week on the 7 May. Hope you can all join us then.
  13. "Risk Comes from not knowing what you're doing" Raymond Reddington - "The Black List" quoting Warren Buffett: https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/warren_buffett_138173
  14. "Risk Comes from not knowing what you're doing" Raymond Reddington - "The Black List" quoting Warren Buffett: https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/warren_buffett_138173
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