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Australian Capital Projects – Risk Management, Project Controls and COVID-19


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Australian Capital Projects – Risk Management, Project Controls and COVID-19


Presenter - Pedram Danesh-Mand, Director of KPMG Australia, NSW President of Risk Engineering Society (RES)

Webinar description

The full impact of COVID-19 on the Australian construction sector will become more apparent over the next quarter, but there has been much speculation regarding the outcomes for the industry and potential risk mitigation strategies as well as opportunities to make the sector more resilient for future challenges. Infrastructure and construction businesses continue to be faced with the challenges of improving productivity and successful project delivery. Through a review of some impacts on the sector due to COVID-19 and also by sharing KPMG’s recent construction survey results globally and in Australia, the speaker will highlight the opportunities for the sector to improve its productivity by developing and implementing robust governance, project controls, data-based solutions and new digital technologies. Armed with these capabilities, organisations will be more resilient and better positioned to safe-guard themselves in future. 

Presenter bio

With a successful record of executive positions and as an industry innovation award winner, Pedram is currently leading and inspiring teams for setting a benchmark in delivery of Integrated Project Controls (Scope, Time, Cost, Risk) and Project Risk Management to provide clients transparent and practical risk engineering solutions in developing and delivering major projects. Prior to this, Pedram was Jacobs Technical Director (Risk) across Asia Pacific and also Head of Planning & Risk for UGL in a wide range of projects across Transport, Water, Power Generation, Coal, LNG/Oil & Gas. 


Presentation slides

Capital projects beyond covid_20200602.pdf


Recommended Comments

During today's webinar on Australian Capital Projects – Risk Management, Project Controls and COVID-19 Pedram Danesh-Mand mentioned some useful references for calculating contingency and escalation in projects. I've posted them here for easy reference.

Risk Engineering Society Contingency Guideline: https://rebok.engineersaustralia.org.au/search/?q=contingency&quick=1

Australian Government Cost Estimation Guide: https://investment.infrastructure.gov.au/about/funding_and_finance/cost_estimation_guidance.aspx

Pedram also mentioned some guideline for escalation from the AACEI, which he recommended as a secondary reference for Australian projects. The full documents are only accessible to AACE members, but links to samples are below: 



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