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Coronavirus - Lessons in Risk, Resilience & Complex Systems


Event details

WEBINAR - Coronavirus - Lessons in Risk, Resilience & Complex Systems

SPEAKER - Warren Black (Founder & Principle of Complexus)


As disruptive as the Coronavirus crisis has been, there is no doubting this is a monumental case example of modern risk management within complex situations.

Consider how the crisis has already demonstrated the concepts of disruption, emergence, resilience, chaos, the butterfly effect, systems thinking and many other complex systems phenomena.

Join us as we discuss what practical lessons and insights into modern day risk management (particularly within complex situations) we can learn from the Coronavirus Case Study so far.

About the speaker

Warren Black is an Engineer, Risk Professional and Complex Systems’ Thinker who has particular interest in understanding how the complexity sciences might offer a better means to controlling emergent risks within highly complex, operating environments. 

Warren consults to industry on how to improve Governance, Risk & Assurance practices so that they may reflect not only the degree of investment at risk, but also the specific complexities in play. He is currently engaged in a higher degree in research (PhD) program, whereby he is Investigating a Systems Thinking Approach to managing Complex Risks, at the Queensland University of Technology, Engineering Faculty. 



Presentation slides

Risk, Resilience & Complex Systems - REBOK Webinar - 19 May 2020.pdf


Recommended Comments

This was a great talk by Warren.  One of the questions asked (by me) was a recommended reading list for novices in complex systems.  Warren and Geoff indicated that they could provide this list.  Geoff suggested that this list could be put on REBOK.  It does not seem to be available yet.  Can it be made available?  Many thanks.  Tim

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