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An Introduction to Complexity and how it influences Risk Management - Session 1


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Presenters: By Warren Black & Geoff Hurst



The fact is our working world is not getting any simpler, only more and more complex.

For most, this increased working complexity can be felt on an almost daily basis. Continually evolving technologies, product trends, consumer behaviors, data sets and stakeholder relationships all contribute to a working world which is growing ever more dynamic, unpredictable and systemically co-dependent.

Building on this observation, basic complexity theory teaches us that as systemic complexity increases, environmental rationality and predictability decreases - so much so, that at the highest levels of complexity there is wild environmental disorder (chaos). In turn, modern day risk professionals are now faced with a particularly ominous challenge; how to effectively control those disruptive phenomena (risks) known to emerge from within highly inter-connected operating systems, experiencing ever increasing frequencies of change, balancing on the edge of chaos.

Join Warren Black and Geoff Hurst on April 30th and May 7th for a series of RES member webinars discussing the concepts of complexity, systems thinking, disruption, emergence, chaos and what it all means for modern day risk management. Most importantly, join us as we collectively aim to tackle the fundamental question; “What qualifies as (scientifically) valid risk management within highly complex, operating environments?”


How complexity influences risk (a complex systems view) - RES EA 30 April 2019 FINAL.pdf


Recommended Comments

Great work from Warren and great questions from the forum.

Looking forward to Session 2 next week on the 7 May.

Hope you can all join us then.

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