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  • About This Community

    Risk Engineering Body of Knowledge (REBOK) Community is being run by the Risk Engineering Society (RES) supported by Engineers Australia (EA). RES actively contributes to the effective management of risks in the workplace and in the community, and has produced several practice notes to assist engineers and managers to practically apply risk management principles. EA is an institution with over 100,000 members with the mission to "advance the science and practice of engineering". The community is open to the public and online participation is free. The cost for participation in the webinars will be advised in the near future.

    In the early stages of development, parts of REBOK will be missing or rudimentary. The aim is to fill in the gaps over time as we source materials or organise speakers to create a more complete body of knowledge. For more information regarding the creation of REBOK please contact rebok@engineersaustralia.org.au